Rent and cycle a bike around La Laguna and get to know the city centre

Rent and cycle a bike around La Laguna and get to know the city centre

Have you just arrived to the island and you’d like to visit the area where you live or study?

Did you spend already a period of time here, but you haven’t visited yet the many places catalogued as Historic Heritages that are placed only few minutes by bike away from you?

With our bicycle rent service you will be able to go with a bike around La Laguna to exploit sunny days, or cloudy ones, when going to the beach is not an option anymore. Visit all the interesting places close to La Laguna University.

We offer you a bike route to enjoy a cultural enriching afternoon with architecture, history and art. Get all the best from the beauty of the city. Following the tour designed for you, with the bike you rented at our store, you will start appreciating all the monuments, palaces, museums and all that La Laguna has to offer.

Let’s start: the Saint John Baptist Church and the Saint John Cemetery. You can find them only few minutes away, once you exit our shop with your bike. Follow calle San Juan, right behind Bike4rent, till the end. You’ll see them on your right. The church was built at the end of the XVI century, mostly with volcanic stone, of which the island is prolific. Restructured in the fifties, it has been declared Cultural Heritage at the beginning of the millennium. The cemetery, with neoclassic and romantic styles, has been declared Cultural Heritage the same year.

From the corner of the cemetery, enter calle Nuñes de la Peña and follow it until its end. There, turn on your left, entering calle Obispo Rey Redondo and you will find yourself in front of the Leal Theatre. It turns 100 years old this year but it is still fully working, hosting theatrical plays, dance and music performances. Rich in details, its front has been object of many additions. The building has been bought by the city council in 1982. You can find here its performances schedule. You are just starting to get your bike around La Laguna.

Keeping on the same street till the end, you will find the Church of Our Lady of Conception. They started building it, for the first time, at the beginning of the XVI century, it is oldest parish church of the island. It was completed after 1550 but many addition in surface and volume followed during the years. Its tower has been finished in the late 1600. Many different styles decorate the church, from Neoclassic to Baroque, Romanic and Gothic. It was declared Historic-Artistic Monument in 1948 and in 2012 registered in the Cultural Heritage list.

Now that you are getting comfortable on our bike, dare yourself to get to the Hermitage of Saint Diego. Go straight ahead through calle Adelantado, turn right into calle del Pozo and exit the roundabout at the second one, into calle Marcos Redondo. From here, your second street on the left will be avenida de San Diego and in less than 10 minutes you will arrive to the gates of the ex-convent, considered, along with the surrounding area, one of the most beautiful of La Laguna. Build in 1615, its part of the Cultural Heritage since 2003.

Going back to the city centre, go straight ahead from avenida de San Diego until you meet calle San Agustín. Around the number 40, you will see an ensemble of buildings that is worth a break. Lock you bike and take a stroll around, at least to take a close look to the constructions.

The Old Convent of Saint Agustin changed many functions since its erection, from being a convent and church to an education and weather centre. In its inside you could see some of the best Renaissance cloisters of Canary Islands. During the Civil War (the Spanish one, of course) it had been a prison of the Falange Española. From 1983 it is considered as part of the e Cultural Heritage. Almost halfway with our tour by bike around La Laguna.

Always in calle San Agustín you will find Salazar Palace. Episcopal residence since the end of ‘800, underwent a fire in 2006, implying a rebuilding. After it you will see the Hospital and Church of Our Lady of Pains , typical in its architecture.

If you get back on your bike and reach the parallel street, passing through calle Juan de Vera, you will arrive to the main church, the La Laguna Cathedral. This is the most important church in the area and one of the first to be declared as National Historic – Artistic Heritage in the island.

Going back to calle San Agustín we will reach  Lercaro House, one of the headquarters of the History an Anthropology Museum. In this building, the museum offers – along with the other headquarter in Valle de Guerra- a lot of cultural and educational activities.

Continue until you will meet calle Viana, at your left, and follow it to get to the Monastery of Santa Clara, where you can find the Santa Clara Museum. Besides the miniature of the monastery, which describes the various stages of the building before reaching the actual shape, you can find a lot of portrays of the Virgin Mary. The fist female convent of the island, host a lot of pictures on canvas and sculptures of the Immaculate Virgin and the Candelaria Virgin, patron saint of Canary Islands.

At the end of the street you will find yourself in Plaza del Cristo, the main square of the city. On the opposite corner you will see the Real Sanctuary of the Saint Crist of La Laguna and, on the inside, the most famous portray of Christ of the archipelago.

Now it is time to enter calle Nava y Grimon, passing by Nava Palace, until you reach another important square, Plaza del Adelantado. All-around this place you can take a look at:the building of the city council (Ayuntamiento), the  Santa Catalina da Siena convent, House of the Consecrated Father Anchieta. Walking few metres from the square: Old Dominicas Convent,  La Alhóndiga house and the  Santo Domingo de Guzman Old Convent. This is one of the few places that you can better visit after parking your bike around La Laguna

Keep heading south though Plaza San Cristóbal and the avenida Calvo Sotelo and continue straight till the Science and Cosmos Museum. Here the interactivity in the key of all the attractions of the museum, which tries to involve the audience and teach through experiments and non-conventional methods.

Following the road for 200 metres more you will arrive at the Hermitage of Our Lady of Grace, another site of the Cultural Heritage of La Laguna.

Now it is time to head back to Bike4Rent or take a last look to your favourite part of the tour. And if you didn’t have the time to complete it, do not worry; you can rent again the bike tomorrow.

Come back soon for a focus on the monuments and museums. Here you have the whole tour: Google Maps.

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