Cycling routes

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In this section we show you some of the routes you can do when renting our bikes. Each has a link where you can see information about it.

One of the most spectacular routes on the island. But we notice that it is only available to experienced cyclists with great physical endurance. Click on the image to learn more.

The route of El Bailadero is one of the best-known routes of the North face of Tenerife in the world of cycling. Click on the image to learn more..

Disfruta de una ruta mixta entre tierra y asfalto a pocos minutos de Bike4Walk. Podrás disfrutar de espectaculares vistas de la vega lagunera, el Teide, Tegueste y Santa Cruz. Pincha en la imagen para obtener más información.

If you like technical trails do not miss the opportunity to make this mountain bike route that we propose. Next to Tenerife North Airport begins this fun route you can do in less than 3 hours. Click on the image to learn more.

Tour La Laguna in a fun way with our ride bikes. We offer you a very simple and entertaining route through pedestrian streets or with low traffic density so that you can enjoy your family as well. Click on the image to learn more.